The shipping business is at its peak of technological advancement. The growth and development are seen clearly with the increasing demand of the logistics and shipping business. The operations are getting digitalized, and the process is being expanded day by day. Many people shop for the products online and get them delivered to their homes and offices. Businesses online also gaining success as it is easy to reach the customers, market the products, and manage the online shops.

Top Five Technology Trends In Logistics

Every field is progressing with each passing day. The world is getting digitalized, and as a result of that, businesses need advanced technology to manage their delivery operations. Customers want more efficient services and want to track their parcel or courier in real-time. So many advancements are seen being implemented, especially by the large shipping companies. Skip Express is one of the growing shipping businesses with advanced technology in Saudi Arabia. Let us see the top five trends in logistics that express delivery businesses want to implement for entertaining their customers.

  1. Data And Analytics

Data is money for businesses. The shipping businesses are increasing their data management practices to improve the performance of a business. The information is organized online, which can be accessed whenever needed. Moreover, prediction and forecasting of future trends are possible with online data. The supply chain system is improved, and product delivery methods are improving. All the express delivery businesses should adopt the new technology trends to progress their services.

  1. Intelligence Process Automation

Automation is the focus of many businesses, and luckily the technology allows this for logistics businesses. Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning is benefiting digital firms. IPA reduces the inefficacies and the chances of human error in logistics extract data from the various documents and enter the data into the system. The automated status update allows tracking of the delivery product for the customers. The emails are received automatically if a delay in delivery or other information is related to the shipment.

Artificial intelligence has allowed working on innovation and advancement rather than tedious tasks managed by automatic machines. All these are the blessings of artificial intelligence.

  1. Robotics

Robotics finds in its applications in the logistics businesses, and robotics have reshaped the warehouse operations in many ways. A human can operate the robots to perform the most challenging task most efficiently. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are used to transport materials in a manually driven warehouse before. They navigate the designated routes and perform the desired functions in a warehouse. Robotics is also advancing for the warehouse operation in the Express delivery businesses.

Automated storage and retrieval systems operated by software help with the inventory management and storage or retrieval of goods on demand. That has improved the material handling in the storage area. Some express deliveries Companies are using articulated robotics arms. These can pick and place the items that need the movements like human arms.

  1. Omni-channel Shipping

Logistics and express delivery companies have made it convenient for their customers to connect with the shipping companies through various channels. Omnichannel shipping aims to provide the same experience for the customer regarding their delivery services through more than one channel. That is one of the top trends in the Express Delivery business.

Amazon is allowing businesses to ship items sold online through Omnichannel. The Shipping Companies appreciate this approach.

  1. RFID

Allowing the customer to track their shipment is very important. Radio Frequency Identity chips have allowed shipping companies to make it possible for the past few years. A tracking number or code gets allotted to each customer, and he/she can easily track the order. Thanks to the technology again, express delivery businesses have made it possible to share this information b connecting the devices remotely.

That requires the integration of the devices. Barcode labels are comparatively low cost as compared to the RFID. On the other hand, RFID may be challenging to implement for small businesses because of the high cost. This RFID has made it possible for companies also, which can allow the monitoring of the trucks and vehicles. The tracking allows to know about the truck and makes it possible to tackle the problems occurring during the transport due to accidents or weather stress.

These are a few of the advancing technologies in logistics.


A few years back, express delivery businesses were very few. The technology was not so advanced, and there was no proper management of data, tracking system, artificial intelligence, the concept of automation, and robotics in the field. The time now has changed, and the express delivery services business increases with time and advancements in technology.